How do you play Story Cards?

12:12:00 PM

The boys and I played a quick game of Halloween story cards before school the other morning for those of you who don't know how to play. There aren't exactly rules as to how you use these cards, but I do offer suggestions in each set just in case!

Honestly, we have so much fun together and the boys just love coming up with the silliest things! Then they go off on an imagination high! Wanting to draw the card characters and stapling papers together to make their own story card books and it's THE BEST!!  I'm so passionate about these cards!  Kids need to know how to use their creativity and stop relying on technology to entertain them.

I grew up barefoot on a farm pretty much playing on my own since I was so much younger than my older siblings. I know we watched movies and tv together as a family, but it was never my babysitter. The great outdoors was my playground and I still have lovely memories of imaginings and fun and adventure. TV OFF! Imagination ON!

...Stepping off soap box. ;)

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