5:38:00 PM

This is a really cute and stylish way of saying... I'm a hermit, leave me be! ;)

I'm a homebody.

I like to get out on little mini adventures with my crew (aka 3 little boys that call me mama), but I love walking back into our home after a day out and just feeling a big wave of "take a seat, stay a while" come over me! We each find our own little corner and busy ourselves. Whether it be me in the kitchen with a couple helpers or my husband cozy on the couch with his laptop and the boys leaning over him to take a turn 'spinning the planets'. They love their space geek websites! Or the boys organizing their new treasures and finds from the day out.
I make these mini banners, they're about 4"x5" give or take. No two are alike and I like it that way. There's a little link to my shop if you want to check out what other sayings I have.

Would you rather be comfortable at home or taking long trips of adventuring?

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