vacation from my PROBLEMS!

4:52:00 PM

You would think I would be flipping cartwheels in the living room and bringing my chocolate stash out into the open since school started on Wednesday.  Reality?!?  Where did the babysitters go for my preschooler?! I have gotten zip, zilch, nada, N O T H I N G accomplished as far as my little watercolor hobby is concerned since the older boys skipped off to school. sidenote: Have you guys seen that internet commercial where the couple wants to return their house because the wife can't get internet access for her miniature furniture business that her husband calls a hobby??!! "It's a business"... yah, I feel like that sometimes.

Because I'm feeling lost and cold and alone since school started, I'm putting my Etsy shop on vacation mode for the next week. I'll flip the sign in the virtual window back to O P E N on August 13th.

So you don't feel totally sorry for me, please realize my days are now filled with construction zones, hotwheel chases, transforming on command, PBJ lunch dates, Mighty Machines episodes, story book reading, cookie baking and tickle torture with my little shadow. He has one more year at home and we're going to soak it up baby!

I need to watch this while on my sanity vacay. ;)

Over n Out!

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