Stitching Cards

5:29:00 PM

There's an ongoing list of projects running through my mind at all times. Those ideas are scribbled onto random bits of paper & then taped onto the wall or written in my phone notes aaaaaaaand forgotten forever. 

But not this one!!  

Raise of hands how many of you loved lacing cards as a kid??! Raise of hands how many of you want to take the lacing card out of the hands of the child sitting in the pew in front of you at church  to "help show them how its done." I can't be alone in this. 

No matter how old we get, there are a few things that we'll just never outgrow. Dessert before dinner, remote control cars, our moms, and lacing cards. Sure I've moved on to big-kid embroidery and sewing on FABRIC, but you can't beat the nostalgia of pulling that string through and making a cute little design come to life. 
I designed these watercolor cards to satisfy my inner 8 year old. And my actual 10 year old son! He loved giving it a try & totally plan on framing it! How powerful he felt when I trusted him enough to hand over a needle and thread, fully trusting he'd come out of the experience with both eyes still intact. That's huge. My version of the Trust Fall.

My lacing cards are available in my Etsy shop and will also be at several markets. I'll keep you updated on those dates and locations as they come closer!

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    1. thank you so much Delia! I finally added words to the post! *so embarrassing* ;)